Being a technology geek can be simultaneously wonderful & frustrating, case in point is the new Google Nexus 4 smartphone. I spent hours installing everything, configuring it, and initially being amazed. That feeling soon wore off as I noticed things that didn’t hold up to hype.

Let’s be clear, they are all software issues, and from peeking at the official android issues list, there are numerous ones affecting the Nexus 4, and a few that I’ve noticed myself.

1. The camera just stops taking pictures at random points. You need to force close or reboot the phone for it to begin working again. Kind of a big deal if you’re trying to take a quick picture and may miss the opportunity.

2. You can’t separate notification volume from call volume. Are you serious Google? This is not android 1.0, and not a bargain basement android phone!

3. A new event in the calender is automatically 24 hours long, and there is not way to change that default if say, you’d like your events to be an hour long by default.

There are more that I’ve read about but haven’t experienced myself because I don’t use those features. There are a lot of things that can be said about iPhones, but Apple certainly knows how to polish their user experience like no one else.

You may be asking yourself, how does this relate to design? Its very simple: It goes to show that no matter how big you get, with thousands of employees and billions of dollars in revenue, we all make mistakes. Lets hope Google quickly fixes these issues that may cause users to turn somewhere else.

I’m not even going to get into the shortage/ordering fiasco!